A Guide to Building Quality Backlinks to Your Affiliate Site in 2022         

Backlinks are still important for SEO, just as marketing is vital for a company to generate leads and make sales. While a quality product should speak for itself, one of the critical goals of your marketing efforts should be to increase sales and expand your company. 

Both your content and backlinks should reflect this. You’re sure to acquire backlinks naturally if your material is original, excellent, and provides value to your audience. 

Implementing a solid backlink strategy might offer your affiliate marketing website the traffic and authority boost it needs. A website’s backlink profile is still a significant ranking factor for Google. Due to this, backlinks are a crucial component of SEO.

Quality versus the number of backlinks

Content-focused affiliate marketers need to have a strong backlink profile to increase revenue. Backlinks, however, are not created equal. Everyone seeks links from websites that offer high-quality material with high domain ratings (DR) that are contextually relevant. Your ability to draw these connections naturally or through partnerships depends on your domain authority (DR), the caliber of your content, and the standing you’ve established in that field. 

Because of this, the SEO Canberra team advises considering your potential to rank for relevant keywords in your niche even as you select your affiliate items. You may steadily enhance your ranking abilities, but you must start someplace.

Strategies for affiliates to build links

Your position in organic results is mainly determined by the quantity and caliber of your backlinks and the content’s relevancy and quality. You will need a tonne of backlinks and referring websites linking to your articles if you have chosen a competitive subject where all keywords have a high difficulty score. If you want to appear on the first page, that is.

Guest posts

Guest article submissions are still worthwhile. It serves two essential purposes: enhancing your domain rating through high-quality backlinks and developing your brand and authority. 

Additionally, the higher DR and more reputable the website where your guest post is published, the more authority you will earn from it. Another advantage is that having some prior work to draw on makes pitching your future guest blogs easier.

Content partnerships

Collaborations on link building with other bloggers are a powerful strategy to enhance your backlink profile. These backlinks supplement the links you get naturally or through guest blogging. Or, in some circumstances, content collaborations may involve agreements for guest blogging from other bloggers. But the reciprocity-based relationship is what sets them apart.

Collaborations on content and links are based on the age-old principle of “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” They rely on each other’s faith. By linking to someone else’s piece, you are endorsing their viewpoint, and you should anticipate reciprocity.

 Please list possible partners in your specialty and get in touch with them to start working on content together. When selecting which blogs to collaborate with, consider at least the following:

  •   Relevance: The blogger should produce material in the same niche as you and target comparable audiences to ensure that the co-promotion benefits both sides.
  •   Domain rating: Consider domain rating to equalize the transaction. A website’s authority is determined by its DR score based on its backlink profile. The authority of the site increases with the DR. Consequently; you value a backlink from a website with a high DR more as a trust indication. Before you move forward with the partnership, enter the domain of your prospective partner into a website authority checker.
  •   Traffic size: Working with bloggers that are more or less in the same stage of traffic growth makes sense for an equitable exchange. To verify their website traffic numbers, use any SEO tool or a web analytics provider like SimilarWeb.

Summarised insights

In addition to guest pieces and content partnerships, leaving comments on roundups is still a good way to get backlinks. This tactic is expressing your opinions on a certain subject and having them included in a post with a link to your website.

The advantage of collecting insights over the prior tactic of working with other bloggers is that you may acquire useful connections without linking to anyone’s website.


You need backlinks to increase your domain rating and position higher for relevant keywords in your niche as an affiliate marketer that focuses on creating quality content. Your ranking ability strongly influences your capacity to earn affiliate commissions. You want the first page of search results to show your product reviews.

Mixing all of the link-building techniques to work in concert rather than concentrating just on one is crucial. Compared to straightforward content cooperation or roundup insights, guest pieces demand significantly more time and work, but they are often with more reliable websites. Backlinks are not created equally. Never overuse reciprocal links, and ensure the content you’re connecting to is contextually appropriate and provides value to your piece.

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