The Best of WhiteOnWhite’s Springtime Gifts

The Best of WhiteOnWhite’s Springtime Gifts

The gorgeous images of flowers and trees coming into bloom during springtime make springtime an anticipated season for many people. The spring is the busiest time of year for WhiteOnWhite’s hydroponic flower deliveries. Our magnificent tulip, hyacinth, and daffodil bulbs have been shipped to merchants all around the country, so you might be able to locate them in a store near you.  In the few months that are left of our hydroponic bulb season, here are five ways that you can give the gift of florist delivery KL flowers to someone you care about (or treat yourself to) to make their day.

  • Don’t forget to bring the host of your Easter celebration a bouquet of your favorite WhiteOnWhite bulbs. Our flowers are perfect for giving as a present because they require so little maintenance.
  • Good news for Earth Day: In honor of our planet, give a present that embodies some of the enchantment that only Mother Nature can deliver. Our blooming bulbs are a treat to watch develop. You get extra credit for coming up with a clever new application for our vase. Just to get your creative juices flowing, consider using one of our vases as a terrarium or a candy dish.
  • Celebration of the Administrative Team! Thank your coworkers with a token of springtime happiness. Your administrative assistant will appreciate the bulbs for weeks if you buy them before they blossom.
  • The quickest and surest route to Mom’s heart on Mother’s Day! Doting mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and other maternal figures deserve gifts that honor their selfless love and care. 
  • Educators should not be forgotten. May 6-10 is National Teacher Appreciation Week, so you have a full week to shower your teachers with gratitude. Send them beautiful bulbs in a vase to brighten their week. The class can even participate in the flower-growing process as a science experiment. To get fresh flowers, order birthday flowers from the WhiteOnWhite site.

Amaryllis Bulbs: A Guide to Replanting

When WhiteOnWhite bulbs, notably Amaryllis bulbs, cease budding in your vase, one of the most common concerns we get is how to get them to start growing again.  When you first start growing your Amaryllis bulbs, you should maintain a small pool of water at the base of the Giant Amaryllis. The stem and bloom development will benefit from this. Put your vase where it will get lots of natural light. As a tropical plant, the Amaryllis thrives in hotter climates. They do best at a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect to see the first blossoms open in around 2 weeks. 

If the stems of your Amaryllis plant reach a length of 15 inches or more throughout the growing process, you need to provide support for them. You probably won’t see any more flowers after three months. Now is the time to start preparing your bulbs for replanting next year. The conditions of your surroundings and climate, in addition to the health of your bulbs, will determine how to go about regrowing them.

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