What flowers to give on birthdays?

What flowers to give on birthdays?

Traditional birthday celebrations can be traced back to pagan Greece. They believed that from the moment of their birth, a guardian spirit was assigned to them. One way this was honoured was through the celebration of birthdays.

Flowers from online florist penang are a wonderful present for a birthday. Even if you can’t be there in person to celebrate someone’s birthday, sending flowers is a thoughtful gesture. When it comes to birthday flowers, no one beats BloomsyBox. Our farm-to-table flower bouquets and subscription bouquets are the perfect way to show how much you care about that special someone in your life.

The ten most sought-after and top-quality birthday flower options are as follows:

1) Rose

It would be impossible to compile a list of the best flowers for any occasion without including roses. In terms of flower variety and overall popularity, roses rank among the top ten. This rose has been around for at least 35 million years, according to some estimates. It was in China where roses were first grown. This flower’s long history makes it easy to see why it’s so well-liked today.

Roses have an easily recognisable form. Roses come in a wide variety; in fact, thousands of different types exist. Roses are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and shapes. However, you won’t typically see thousands of roses in birthday bouquets. The timeless design is still a top seller. Yet, there is a wide range in the available colour options.

2) Iris

A second type of flower with an unusual form is the iris. There are six petals total; three open and three remain closed. Bearded irises are also available, as are those without facial hair. It was common for irises to be either purple or blue. However, there are now a plethora of additional colour options.

Iris is a Greek mythological figure’s name for the flower. The goddess of the rainbow is known by her name, Iris. She had divine messenger status.

3) Lily

Eighty to one hundred different kinds of flowers are all called lilies. The Liliaceae family, of which all these species are a part, includes only the Lilium genus. You need not worry; there will not be a test on this material.

True lilies from flower delivery kualalumpur include a wide variety of flowers, including daylilies, Easter lilies, and many others. The six individual petals of these species form a loose trumpet shape. It’s possible that the flowers of other lily species don’t look like your standard lily. The lily can be dyed in an almost infinite variety of colours.


Is the orchid the most far-flung of all flowers? The two of us disagree. Orchids, like many other types of flowers, can be found in a wide range of forms and colours. Around 30,000 different kinds of orchids have been discovered! One-third of these are located in warmer climates. Orchids, however, can be found in their natural habitats everywhere on the planet. An orchid is responsible for producing the vanilla bean.

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